Just as the Razr was getting dull . . .

The new Razr2 comes just in time.

The Razr2 doesn't look all that different from the original, but just about everything is better.
CNET Networks Inc.

The Motorola Razr was a huge hit--in its day. Just in time, Motorola has redesigned and improved its flagship phone with the Razr 2. And the result is very positive.

Call quality and screen sharpness (both open and closed) are excellent. The large viewing area actually lets you enjoy video on your phone (Sprint PowerVision has a wide array of TV channels.) Camera is good, not great, but music (at a decent 99 cents per song) is crystal clear and very quickly downloaded.

The phone is thin, sleek, and will get you noticed. It opens easily. (Minor point: I've held one from all three major carriers; all tend to be a tiny bit loose on the outside, but firm up when opened. Yeah, a nitpick. But that's this blog!)

Bottom line is definitely positive. It's solid, reliable, reasonably priced, and cool.