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Jules Verne Google logo utilizes iOS accelerometer

If you've got an iOS device, head on over to Google's home page today and check out the Jules Verne-inspired logo.

Joe Aimonetti MacFixIt Editor
Joe is a seasoned Mac veteran with years of experience on the platform. He reports on Macs, iPods, iPhones and anything else Apple sells. He even has worked in Apple retail stores. He's also a creative professional who knows how to use a Mac to get the job done.
Joe Aimonetti
2 min read
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Move Google's home page logo to see the world of Jules Verne. Screenshot by Joe Aimonetti

If you've got an iOS device, head on over to Google's home page today and check out the Jules Verne-inspired logo.

Google has created an interactive logo that allows iOS users to control the view from a Jules Verne-esque submarine (the windows of which spell Google of course) by taking advantage of accelerometers found in iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Back in December, Apple integrated gyroscopic support for Mobile Safari, allowing developers to take advantage of the new gyroscope in iPhone 4. At the time I previewed a demo from Occiptal's great photography app, 360 Panorama, that allows users to upload their panoramic captures to be viewed virtually using the iPhone's gyroscope.

Web-based apps in Mobile Safari are still an important part of iOS. For all the negative press about Apple rejecting apps for the App Store, remember that developers can still create rich, native-feeling apps for the Web without the need for Apple's approval. Having tools like the accelerometer and gyroscope available in Mobile Safari development only make the possibilities for Web app developers more exciting.

As you may know, Google's custom logos generally only last one day, so log on to check it out. Note: You may have to scroll down and tap the link for "Classic" for the moving logo. If you're not near your iOS device, you can still play with the moving view by using the joystick on the right.

Got any suggestions for more-interactive Google logos? Let me know in the comments!