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Jolla's Sailfish OS adds Android compatibility

The company hopes to attract more hardware vendors since its mobile operating system can now run on any device that works with Android.


Jolla Sailfish OS, an alternative mobile operating system that failed to enter the big time, could be coming to more devices, if the company has its way.

Jolla on Monday announced that its operating system now works with Android applications and hardware, making the platform a bit more appealing to vendors that were unwilling to invest in yet another mobile OS.

Dubbed Sailfish OS, Jolla's operating system is based on MeeGo, the Linux-based mobile operating system created by Nokia and Intel that quickly entered the junk heap when Nokia inked its Windows Phone deal with Microsoft. Sailfish's biggest issue, many believed, was its competition with Android, rather than its willingness to complement Google's platform. This move could help Jolla get over that hump.

According to Jolla, its focus with the Android integration will be on the European and Asian markets. The company hopes to attract more Android hardware vendors, since its platform is capable of running on any device that currently works with Google's operating system.

(Via GigaOm)