Jessica Dolcourt's 10 favorite iPhone apps (CNET 100)

Each day for 10 business days, 10 CNET personalities are picking their 10 favorite iPhone apps. Today, Senior Associate Editor Jessica Dolcourt reveals her 10 picks--an ambitious set for a busy editor. At the end of July, we'll declare the 10 most popular of the 100 according to you, our readers.

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Editors' note: Each day for 10 business days, CNET personalities you know and love will publish slideshows of their 10 personal favorite iPhone apps. With each post, you get a chance to vote for your own favorite app. Two weeks from now, we'll collect the full list of 100 apps and announce the 10 that you, our readers, love the most.

Jessica Dolcourt
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Senior Associate Editor Jessica Dolcourt's collection of her favorite 10 iPhone apps marks a first for the CNET 100: it contains not a single iPhone game.

Jessica is not fooling around, here. She wants to get stuff done. From Photoshop.com to Dictionary.com, to the brand-new Firefox Home, Jessica's favorite iPhone apps reveal the aspirations of a woman on a mission.

But Jessica isn't just a workhorse. Willing to pay for top-notch TV, Jessica uses Hulu.com to distract herself at the gym, and she throws in a cocktail app for after hours. She may even use one of these apps to schedule a late-night movie. See her slideshow for more on why these 10 apps keep Jessica ticking:

Jessica Dolcourt's favorite iPhone apps (CNET 100)

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Once you've seen all of Jessica's picks, return to this poll to let us know which app is your favorite, then check back each day on iPhone Atlas to see app choices from the rest of the CNET crew.