Jelly Bean swallows up 45 percent of Android devices

The latest flavor of Android continues to pop up on more devices, leaving Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread further behind.

Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Lance Whitney

Almost half of Android users are now taking a bite out of Jelly Bean, according to Google's Android developer dashboard.

Looking at all Android devices that visited Google Play during the seven days ending September 4, the dashboard pegged Jelly Bean's share at 45.1 percent. Version 4.1.x alone snagged 36.6 percent, leaving version 4.2.x with 8.5 percent.

As Jelly Bean's slice of the market jumps higher, past Android versions are seeing their action melt away. Ice Cream Sandwich accounted for just 21.7 percent of Google Play visits this past week, while Gingerbread snagged 30.7 percent.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Stats gathered during the 14 days ended August 1 showed Jelly Bean with a 40.5 percent share, Ice Cream Sandwich with 22.5 percent, and Gingerbread with 33.1 percent. Jelly Bean surpassed Gingerbread for the first time in late June/early July.

Despite Jelly Bean's dominance, Android fragmentation still poses a challenge for developers who must build apps to be compatible with several different versions.

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