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JBL has a slew of new headphones and earbuds coming along with the Flip 6 speaker

JBL is rolling out its new portable audio products, which are all due to ship this fall.

Samsung-owned JBL typically announces a bunch of new products at the IFA trade show in Berlin, and this year is no exception, even if the show is virtual once again. JBL's popular Flip Bluetooth speaker is getting an upgrade to the sixth-generation Flip 6, but most of the other new products are all headphones, with a heavy emphasis on true-wireless earbuds. Here's a look at what's coming from JBL this fall.

Portable speakers


JBL Flip 6

$130 (ships in December)

Design-wise, not much seems to have changed with JBL's sixth-generation, but JBL says the Flip 6 is engineered with a new "audio configuration" featuring a dual passive radiator, "powerful" racetrack-shaped woofer and separate tweeter. They should mean better sound with more depth and kick to the bass. 

JBL Flip 6 key features:

  • Dual passive radiators for deep bass
  • Racetrack-shaped woofer
  • A separate tweeter for better high frequency extension
  • PartyBoost compatible
  • 12 hours playback
  • Bluetooth 5.1 
  • IP67 fully water and dustproof
  • Available colors include: gray stone, river teal, ocean blue, midnight black, squad (a kind of camo)

JBL says its duo of "party" speakers, the Partybox 110 and Partybox 710 (see below), deliver more powerful sound, have a new user interface and a completely redesigned light show with robust connectivity options. They're also more rugged with an IPX4 splash-proof rating.

JBL PartyBox 110 key features:

  • 160-watt output with angled-back design for better sound projection
  • 12 hours battery life
  • Dynamic light show syncs to the beat of the music
  • Guitar and mic inputs
  • IPX4 splash-proof
  • Bluetooth or USB input
  • True Wireless Stereo: wirelessly link two together for an even bigger, stereo sound
  • JBL PartyBox App allows you to control your party with your phone -- switch tracks, customize the light show and more
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JBL Partybox 710

$800 (ships in November)

This is one massive portable speaker that's capable of outputting some serious sound with an impressive lightshow (JBL calls it "epic"). Thankfully, the speaker has wheels. It does require an AC adapter and isn't battery powered. 

JBL PartyBox 710 key features:

  • JBL Pro Sound with 800-watt RMS output
  • Integrated wheels and handle
  • Light show synced with the beat of the music with color running strobe, figure of 8 RGB animation, color projection light, starry light and club light
  • Two 2.75-inch low distortion tweeters, two improved high sensitivity 8-inch excursion drivers and improved bass reflex port for stronger and deeper bass
  • IPX4 splash-proof
  • Guitar and mic inputs
  • Bluetooth or USB input
  • One-touch True Wireless Stereo: at the tap of a button, wirelessly link two together for a huge, stereo sound
  • JBL PartyBox App 



JBL Reflect Flow Pro

$180 (ships Nov. 14)

JBL's newest Reflect earbuds feature active noise canceling and three microphones on each earbud with solid battery life (up to eight hours on a single charge with noise canceling on) in a waterproof design.

JBL Reflect Flow Pro key features:

  • Adaptive Noise Cancelling with Smart Ambient
  • Up to 30 hours of playtime with Qi-Compatible wireless charging (10 + 20 in case with BT; 8 + 20 with ANC on)
  • Speed charge (10-minute charge = 1 hour playtime) 
  • IP68 wave proof protection
  • 6.8mm drivers deliver JBL Signature Sound
  • Sport fins for secure fit
  • Six-mic technology, two beamforming mics plus a third for wind suppression on each earbud
  • Direct access to Google voice assistant via Hot word activation
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Fast Pair enabled by Google
  • Dual Connect + Sync
  • Customizable all-access touch control
  • Compatible with JBL Headphones App
  • Available in black at launch with other colors to follow

JBL Tune 230NC

$100 (ships Oct. 17)

JBL says theTune 230NC retain the "stylish" stick design of their predecessor but the new silicone tips give a more secure fit and even better bass performance.

JBL Tune 230NC key features:

  • Active noise canceling
  • 40 hours of play time (10 + 30 hours with case with BT; 8 + 24 with ANC on)
  • Speed charge (10-minute charge = one hour playtime) 
  • IPX4 water- and sweat-resistant
  • 5.8mm drivers with JBL Pure Bass sound
  • Stick-style design
  • Four-mic technology (two mics on each bud)
  • Voice assistant with built in Google and Alexa voice assistants
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Smart Ambient and Fast Pair enabled by Google
  • Dual Connect + Sync
  • Touch controls
  • Compatible with JBL Headphones App
  • Available in black, white and blue

JBL Tune 130NC

$100 (ships Oct. 17)

The successor to the Tune 125 TWS adds active noise canceling and has overall similar specs to the 230NC, but in a traditional bud design. 

JBL Tune 130NC key features:

  • Active noise canceling
  • 40 hours of play time (10 + 30 hours with case with BT; 8 + 24 with ANC on)
  • Speed charge (10-minute charge = one hour playtime) 
  • IPX4 water- and sweat-resistant
  • 10mm Drivers with JBL Pure Bass sound
  • Bud-style design
  • Four-mic technology for crisp, clear calls (two mics on each)
  • Voice assistant with built in Hey Google and Alexa
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Smart Ambient and Fast Pair enabled by Google
  • Dual Connect + Sync
  • Touch controls
  • Compatible with JBL Headphones App
  • Available in black, white and blue


$80 (ships in September)

Designed for kids, the JBL JR 460NC is the first of the JBL JR line to include active noise canceling technology and has a volume limiter that keeps the sound under 85dB. With just two hours of charging, the headphones can deliver up to 20 hours of playback time there's a built-in microphone for voice communications.

JBL JR 460NC key features:

  • JBL Safe Sound 
  • Active noise canceling 
  • Communicate with built-in mic 
  • Up to 20-hour battery life and quick recharging 
  • Designed for kids with easy controls 
  • Detachable audio cable and multi-point connection 
  • Google Fast Pair

JBL Endurance Race

$80 (ships Oct. 17)

A fitness model, the Endurance Race joins JBL's Endurance series, which includes the Runt, Sprint, Jump, Dive and Peak buds.

  JBL Endurance Race key features:

  • True Wireless
  • JBL Pure Bass sound 
  • TwistLock and Enhancer Technologies
  • Waterproof (IP67)
  • 10 hours on a single charge with two extra charges in the case
  • 10-minute speed charge 
  • Touch controls
  • Available in black
  • Ambient Aware mode
  • Three ear-tip sizes
  • Rugged charging case 

JBL Quantum 350 gaming headphones

$100 (ships in September)

The latest gaming headphone to join the Quantum series, the JBL Quantum 350 wireless gaming headset is optimized for PC or PlayStation gamers via a 2.4G wireless USB dongle and can also be used in wired mode with the included USB-C cable. The headset is also compatible with the JBL QuantumEngine PC software, which lets you customize the EQ, sidetone, mic and more. 

JBL Quantum 350 key features:

  • Gaming-grade lossless 2.4G wireless connection via USB wireless dongle
  • 40mm drivers powered by JBL QuantumSound Signature and JBL QuantumSurround
  • Voice focus detachable boom microphone
  • JBL QuantumEngine PC software compatible for full customization
  • 22-hour rechargeable battery with speed charge -- five minutes charge via USB-C gets you one hour of playback
  • Lightweight and durable construction with PU-wrapped memory foam ear cushions
  • Discord-certified and works with Skype and TeamSpeak