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Java gets ready for 3G

Vodafone is expected to use Sun's software to sell its next generation of cell phone downloads.

European cell phone giant Vodafone will use Sun Microsystems' software to sell its next generation of cell phone downloads, the two companies are expected to announce Monday at the JavaOne Developer conference in San Francisco. In another wireless deal announced Monday, Sun is tying Nokia's SNAP Mobile products for game distributors more directly into its wireless toolkit to conquer "technical barriers and network connectivity problems" slowing sales of wireless multiple player gaming, said Chris Mellisinos, Sun's chief gaming officer.

The collaboration between Sun and Nokia will make it simpler and cheaper for carriers to add multiple player games, Sun executives believe. To that end, SNAP will be integrated with Sun's Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition, Wireless Toolkit and Sun Java System Content Delivery Server and Java Enterprise System, which for wireless carriers runs on the Solaris platform. Sega Mobile will demonstrate the first-ever games for the collaboration.