Jailbreaker Claims Flaw Can Crash Any iPhone

Jailbreaker Claims Flaw Can Crash Any iPhone

Ben Wilson
2 min read

Italian systems engineer Piergiorgio Zambrini, developer of Ziphone, one of the first, easy-to-use applications for jailbreaking and unlock the iPhone, has released a new video purportedly delivering proof that a flaw can crash any iPod and iPhone. The bug allegedly resides in in the audio portion of Apple's video subsystem.

His blog post titled, "Boom!," states:

"Here we are again! When Steve says something it usually happens... So what do we have here? A video. Yes a stupid nasty video which can crash ANY iPod/iPhone. A different version of this video can even crash many pc applications. Apple was contacted and a mail was sent to bugtraq mailing list."

The audio bug will instantly crash an iPhone and, according to a Forbes article,:

"The bug, which is located in a shared code library that is used across most Apple operating systems and some Linux ones as well, doesn't appear to cause any permanent damage, but immediately sends the device into a panic that leads to a lengthy reboot."

The bug was confirmed by Forbes.com on the iPhone 3G and is in a shared library that could potentially effect some other Operating Systems like Mac OS X and some versions of Linux OS.

This discovery occurs under the guise of Zambrini's seeking a position with Apple as an iPhone Security Engineer.

If you are interested in a video of the bug in action by Forbes.com click here. This is harmless demo of the bug in action. If you want to see the real bug in action, click here then click the picture of Steve Jobs saying "Boom!" Caution as this will crash your iPhone. Do so at your own risk.