iTunes not cutting it for podcasts? Try Mediafly for iPhone (it's free)

Catch Mediafly for the iPhone and iPod Touch while it's free, and help some of your podcast-managing headaches.

Joseph Kaminski Senior Associate Technology Editor / Reviews
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Joseph Kaminski

Ever since the mobile version of iTunes allowed podcast downloads, there's been reason to rejoice - on-the-fly podcast accessibility is better than ever, but it's still not great for managing subscriptions. For a limited time, Mediafly will be free for download for the iPhone and iPod Touch through the Apple App Store. Mediafly gives users access to video and audio podcasts across the internet. It also allows for downloads for offline listening on subways, a plus for big-city living. And it also accesses Digital City, so what's not to like?

Users can seamlessly create content channels via a Web browser or Internet-capable portable device, which means you can stream or preload your favorite content to devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, Creative Zen, and BlackBerry (in beta now), just to name a few. App versions for the Palm Pre and Android and Windows Mobile devices are coming soon, too. The iPhone and iPod Touch versions will go back to costing 99 cents eventually, so grab and play around with it while it's free to see if it's worth your while.

Check out the video below for demo of Mediafly in action. You can also download Mediafly for the iPhone, iPod Touch, or BlackBerry using your mobile browser: enter www.Mediafly.Mobi