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​It's World Sleep Day, go back to sleep

You could wear green, check up on sleep hygiene... or both.

Your health app may remind you.
Screenshot by Scott Stein/CNET

Today isn't just Saint Patrick's Day. It's also the 10th World Sleep Day, something I didn't even know until my Withings app reminded me in a phone notification.

World Sleep Day is an annual raising-awareness day for sleep health, sleep disorders created by the World Sleep Society, an organization founded by the World Association of Sleep Medicine and the World Sleep Federation. I got a sleep study last year, incidentally, and now a CPAP for sleep apnea. It's helped my blood pressure out a bit.

World Sleep Day even has its own Declaration:


Whereas, sleepiness and sleeplessness constitute a global epidemic that threatens health and quality of life,

Whereas, much can be done to prevent and treat sleepiness and sleeplessness,

Whereas, professional and public awareness are the firsts steps to action,

We hereby DECLARE that the disorders of sleep are preventable and treatable medical conditions in every country of the world.

The World Sleep Society has 10 Commandments for adult sleep hygiene, including setting up regular sleep and wake times and reserving your bed for sleep and sex, not work and play. By my count, I think I've failed eight of the commandments.

What should you do on World Sleep Day? I recommend going back to sleep. I got about 7 hours last night, which is about average for my age according to Fitbit.