It's gold, gold, gold for Nokia

Want to give your phone a Midas touch? Take a look at the fancy-pants gold update to the 8800, but be prepared to flash your cash big-time.

The 8800: Midas/Goldmember edition

In July last year we deemed Motorola's D&G RAZR V3i the "Goldmember phone". It seems the dodgy Dutchman who met with the unfortunate shmelting accident now has another option for his communications needs: the Nokia 8800 Sirocco Gold.

An update to the premium-priced 8800, the Sirocco Gold edition has less-than-impressive specs (it's not 3G, the camera is a standard two megapixels, and there are no stand-out features to speak of), but Nokia has placed it in the "prestige" category due to its smooth gold contours and limited availability.

So what's a sirocco, and what does it have to do with mobile telephony? We'll let Nokia explain. From their press release:

"A sirocco is a strong wind, originating in the sun-bathed Sahara desert and travelling all the way to the Mediterrean. This blending of the strength and sensual beauty of nature is the inspiration for the entire Nokia 8800 Sirocco line."

The strong and sensually beautiful 8800 Gold will set you back AU$2049, or roughly the cost of an airfare to the Sahara to experience that magical wind yourself.