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ITG xpPhone could be the world's first Windows 8 handset

A Chinese company has taken the wraps off what could be the world's first Windows 8 smart phone. And its specs are downright ridiculous.

Windows Phone Mango may not have been around long, and Nokia may have only just outed what it calls the first real Windows Phone, but we're already looking at a handset that'll run the next generation of WP software.

Chinese company ITG has announced the xpPhone, the world's first phone running Windows 8 PC software, reports Pocketnow. And if it ever sees the light of day, it'll make the iPhone look like a Fisher-Price toy.

Last month the boss of Nvidia mentioned Windows Phone apps could run in Windows 8, so it's fair to assume Windows 8 could eventually make its way onto handsets. It already appears to be adding phone features, so we could be seeing some true convergence in the style of iOS and Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

The specs are completely insane as well. Try a 1.6GHz processor and 2GB of RAM. That not enough for you? A 2GHz model will also be available. Storage-wise, it'll have 112GB (we're not making this up -- check the product page if you don't believe us). And a 4.3-inch screen tops things off, though presumably it'll double as some kind of teleportation device, in keeping with the rest of the specs.

The product page is a little rambling to say the least, though that could be due to poor translation combined with lofty, conceptual ideas. With the software not due for a while yet, we could see a version of the xpPhone running Windows Phone, with an upgrade to Windows 8 coming later.

But if it does happen, it'll be an absolute beast. We'll bring you more news when we get it.

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