iSlash brings a modern twist to arcade classic Qix

Get your slashing finger ready! In iSlash, your job is to cut away chunks of the play field without accidentally swiping any of the bouncing stars.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
Use your finger to cut away areas of the play field--but don't swipe any stars!
Use your finger to cut away areas of the play field--but don't swipe any stars! Duello Games

Remember the old coin-op game Qix? Your job was to corral a morphing, moving entity into increasingly smaller areas. If it touched your marker while you were drawing a line, it was game over.

iSlash is a thoroughly modern twist on Qix, one designed with iPhone sensibilities. Each level starts with a uniquely shaped play area. Within that area, several ninja-style stars bounce around unpredictably. Your job: to corral them into increasingly smaller areas.

This is done by slashing away sections of the play area with your finger. If you touch a star mid-slash, it's game over. (Well, not really--you do get three tries.)

As you progress through the game's 70 levels (the developer promises to release more free of charge), you'll encounter new kinds of stars, new bonuses, and so on.

iSlash is a breeze to learn and a challenge to beat. It's one of those perfect diversions when you need to kill five minutes. Social-minded players can connect with Game Center or OpenFeint.

The game costs all of 99 cents, but if you want to try before you buy, the free iSlash Lite gives you a good taste of what's to come.

What are other "slash" games are you into these days? Cut the Rope? Fruit Ninja? List your favorites in the comments.