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iSkin Cerulean TX/RX: True wireless iPod speaker docking

iSkin's Cerulean TX/RX lets you transmit your iPod's contents to a speaker system, completely wirelessly. For £90 it could be a very attractive option for you wire-haters

We love a good bit of wireless technology here at Crave. We're not convinced Wi-Fi will give you diseases, or that Bluetooth will actually give you blue teeth, so it's with a great deal of excitement that we tell you about iSkin's Cerulean TX/RX.

The Cerulean is an A2DP stereo Bluetooth 2.0 transmitter with a difference. Normally, you'd dock your iPod directly into a compatible speaker system and perhaps control it with a rubbish credit card-sized remote control. With this little gizmo, you connect a Bluetooth transmitter into the iPod's dock connector and connect a Bluetooth receiver to the dock connector of an iPod speaker system. And that's it! Wireless iPod connectivity with any iPod speakers.

You'll be able to use your 'Pod up to 10m away from the receiver. A special USB cable comes in the box so you can charge the player while it's connected to the transmitter, too. An extra 3.5mm jack-equipped transmitter lets you transmit audio from any source -- game console, CD player, video camera -- to the receiver. This requires a 3.5mm-to-3.5mm cable that isn't included, but it's a handy bonus for anyone who wants to use this bit of kit with more than just iPods.

You can pick up the TX/RX now for about £90, and we'll have a full review for you shortly. -Nate Lanxon