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Is this LG Optimus One coming to Verizon as LG Vortex?

Verizon Wireless could soon release an Android 2.2 device from LG. After a long wait, LG may finally be ready to make some Android noise in the United States.

LG Vortex

Last week saw LG announcing two new Android devices: the Optimus Chic and the Optimus One. At the time, the compnay indicated that the phones would be released to European carriers starting in October, but it did not hint at an eventual U.S. release. Things look to be changing however, as more leaked information has hit the Web.

According to TheDroidGuy, the LG "Vortex" will be a Verizon Wireless-branded version of the Optimus One. Although the outside bears a slightly different desgn, the inside is reported to be the same with a 600MHz processor, a 3.2-inch touch display, and Android 2.2. Other details include your typical Android device support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. It would probably be safe to assume this has the same 3-megapixel camera found in the Optimus One.

This would mark the second LG handset for Verizon, following the Ally released back in May. T-Mobile is also slated to pick up an LG phone of its own come early November. After a relatively silent two years, perhaps LG is finally about make some Android noise.