Is the iPhone the way to go?

I'm looking for a new phone and an MP3 player. Is it worth buying two separate devices or just waiting for the iPhone?

I'm looking for a new phone and an MP3 player. Ideally, I want it all-in-one -- all-singing, all-dancing and all that. The problem I see with the current phones around is that they don't have anywhere near enough memory in comparison to a normal MP3 player.

I think the iPhone will offer the largest onboard memory when it comes out with 8GB. I've got a fair budget and wondered if it's worth buying two separate devices or just going for the iPhone, unless there is anything better on the market.

I don't really care for a top notch camera in these phones or anything, just a great MP3-playing phone. Any suggestions?

James Austerberry

If you're looking for a lot of onboard memory and a good MP3 player, then you have several options.

If you don't really want to go for two separate devices, then the Apple iPhone is a good choice, with a lovely touchscreen interface, but there are alternatives.

Nokia is bringing out an 8GB version of the N95 later this year, which comes with the added bonus of GPS and HSDPA (3.5G) for fast Internet access, which the iPhone doesn't offer.

The highly-anticipated Sony Ericsson W960i will be released later on this year, too. It also comes with 8GB of onboard memory as well as a half-touchscreen, half-mechanical keypad interface.

You'll have to decide which features you value most out of these three handsets. Make sure to have a go with each one in a shop before you buy.