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Is that an Oreo in the sky or are you just using Nokia's Lumia?

The new Oreo Skies app allows anyone to virtually tag stars and then have friends or family discover messages left there.

With the Oreo Skies app, Nokia Lumia owners can leave messages for their friends in the stars.

Fresh off winning the Super Bowl, or at least the social media advertising wars during the NFL's championship, Oreo is now setting out to conquer the stars in the skies.

The cookie giant has teamed up with Nokia to release a stargazing app for Lumia Windows phones that could result in the heavens above being filled with virtual Oreos.

Called Oreo Skies, the app was designed to let users write messages and tag them to actual stars -- or at least to constellations.

It works like this. First, users can point their Lumia at the skies and pick a constellation on which to leave a message. Then, if their friends or family use the app and point their phone at the skies, thanks to augmented reality, and the phone's ability to detect precisely where in the sky it's pointing, they can see if any messages have been left for them, and on which constellation. If they touch a star containing a message for them, it twists open like an Oreo and reveals the note. Day or night.

Users without Lumias can leave messages for others using a version of the app built for Facebook on both dektop and mobile devices.

Oreo is also looking to identify what might, in the Foursquare era, be called a "mayor" of the moon. It will grant ownership status -- though it's not clear how Oreo can bestow such an honor -- on the person who sends the most messages using the app each lunar cycle. It will provide a leaderboard allowing everyone to see if they have a chance to own the moon.