Is SeizeTheDay the best iOS to-do list app?

SeizeTheDay could be the best if you prize simplicity and a price tag of zero. This slick little app doesn't sync with anything, but it does track your tasks and remind you to do them.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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Seize your task list with the free SeizeTheDay app.
Seize your task list with the free SeizeTheDay app. Functional Delights LLC

For many moons I've been looking for the perfect to-do list app for my iPhone. For a while I used Producteev, which I likened to Evernote for task management. But you know what? It was overkill.

Ultimately I realized that what I need is not a Web-accessible to-do list or even one that syncs with Outlook (a key consideration last year when I asked CNET readers to name their favorite to-do list app). I need one that lives on my iPhone, offers a simple, logically designed interface, and reminds me when it's time to do something. Period.

Oh, and because I hate paying for stuff, free would be nice, too.

I think I've found a winner. SeizeTheDay is a simple, effective, and free to-do list app, one that has earned a permanent, or at least long-term, place on my Home page.

SeizeTheDay doesn't sync with anything. It doesn't cater to the GTD cult crowd or use filters, folders, or the like. It's a task manager boiled down to the basics, which is great for people like me who want zero learning curve.

Just tap the "plus" icon to create a new task, then fill in the details: name, priority, and due date (if there is one--you can also leave it set to the default "At Some Point." If you want, you can set up a reminder, add tags, and include a note.

From the Home screen you can choose from four views: Today, Upcoming, At Some Point, and View All. There's also a calendar option that lists tasks below a month view, much like the stock iOS calendar.

SeizeTheDay relies on local reminders, meaning you don't need a live Internet connection. I especially like the Daily Reminder option, which pops up a list of the day's tasks--much like a text message.

And that's the app in a nutshell. There are countless other task managers that can do a lot more, but if you want something easy to learn and free of charge, I definitely recommend seizing SeizeTheDay.

Okay, your turn: which to-do list app do you like best, and why?