Is Pokemon Go down? Find out with these sites

Are the servers down? Or is it just your phone? Find out with these sites.

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Alina Bradford
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Ever since Pokemon Go was released, it has had ongoing server problems that can cause the game to freeze or not load at all. Sometimes, though, the game won't work because you are in an area with 3G instead of 4G. Should you find a better spot to hunt, or do you need to just give up until the servers come back? There are several sites you can turn to when you're having a Pokemon conundrum.

Single-serve website IsPokemonGoDownOrNot.com shows you if the servers are down, what the game's latency is and how often the game has been down recently. It also shows you how often players are having log-in problems and which login method is working better. Note that the site only works for those in the United States and Europe, though.



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Downdetector also has a Pokemon Go page that will let you know if the game is down, how often players are able to make a connection with the server and how often players are able to log in. The best part about this site is you can report an outage. You can also read what other players have to say in the comments section.

Pokémon GO Server Status is straight-forward and gives you the stats without any graphs. It shows how long the game has been running without a server problem, how long it is currently taking to login, the percentage of time the game has been up in the last hour and the uptime percentage for the last 24 hours. What makes this site special is it also gives stats for the Pokemon Trainer Club, as well.

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