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iRiver Clix 2: Flash memory, flash content, flash price

The iRiver Clix 2 is the brand new version of the popular Clix. It's a 4GB MP3 and video player with a boatload of neat features, and for less money than you might expect

Back for a second spin, the popular iRiver Clix gets a makeover and a fashionable '2' in its name. The iRiver Clix 2 builds on its predecessor's unique design and meritorious feature set. It's a flash-based 4GB MP3 player that'll also play your videos and is even kind enough to incorporate an FM radio.

We're glad to see that the Clix 2 has also retained its intuitive navigation system -- simply push the screen to navigate the player's menus. The resulting absence of navigation buttons leaves lots of space for a screen to dominate. And oh, does it dominate. The 56mm (2.2-inch) colour screen is magnificently large for a player of this size and we're expecting video to be as crisp at it is on the original Clix, if not better, thanks to its use of AMOLED screen technology.

iRiver has also built Flash support into this new player. Don't confuse this with flash memory -- Flash content is found all over the Web in the form of games, videos and photo slideshows. The Clix 2 allows you to download this content directly to its memory for playback on the device. Does this mean YouTube videos can be downloaded and played back? Theoretically, yes. Practically, we're not sure yet. A full review will reveal this secret and you can expect one soon.

The Clix 2 is on sale now for £139.99. It's a gorgeous-looking chap with loads of cool features, and it boasts a highly affordable price tag. Clix 2, you have impressed us so far. We implore you not to disappoint us in the flash. Sorry, in the flesh. -NL