iPhoneSimFree software unlock now for sale, tutorial posted

iPhoneSimFree software unlock now for sale, tutorial posted

Ben Wilson
2 min read

After weeks of anticipation and doubt, the iPhoneSimFree software unlock -- which purportedly allows the device to be used on carriers other than AT&T in the United States and in other countries -- is now for sale through a number of resellers, but not from iPhoneSimFree directly.

Pricing is variable -- some are offering the software unlock for $US50, others for US$100 (adjusted for different currencies). Some companies are also offering 50 license bulk package, with prices starting at US$2000. Current resellers include:

The company has also posted a PDF tutorial that details the process for using the software unlock. You'll need a SIM card that has been activated with a GSM service provider (e.g. T-Mobile) and an active WiFi connection with which to load the iPhoneSimFree app tot he iPhone. The unlock process, according to iPhoneSimFree, takes 2-3 minutes to complete. You can unlock one iPhone with one license of the software.

Also note that the company and resellers are hedging their claims heavily, in the case that Apple issues an update that disables the unlock mechanism. Wireless Imports, for instance, states:

"Please be aware you are purchasing software that will be installed on your computer which will unlock your phone via WiFi. In the event Apple comes out with a new firmware upgrade which will lock your phone again you hereby agree that Wireless Imports nor its vendor will be held liable or responsible for unlocking your handset again. If your handset becomes locked you will be charged to unlock it again."

If you've tried the unlock method, please let us know how it worked.