iPhones unlocked with 1.0.2 then bricked can now be upgraded to 1.1.1 and unlocked

iPhones unlocked with 1.0.2 then bricked can now be upgraded to 1.1.1 and unlocked

Ben Wilson
2 min read

Users who unlocked their iPhones under software/firmware revision 1.0.2 with AnySIM or iUnlock, then lost functionality (bricked) their iPhones by updating to software/firmware 1.1.1 now have an option for restoring their devices to an ostensibly factory-fresh state under software/firmware 1.0.2, then upgrading to software/firmware 1.1.1 again and performing a successful unlock using the new version of AnySIM. This is made possible through the release of a "re-virginize" tool that is loaded directly on the iPhone.

In other words, users like this iPhone Atlas reader:

"I have recently bought an Apple iPhone from Ebay.  I have done a stupid thing and I dont expect I am the first but when I read the description on Ebay it said "to not upgrade to 1.1.1.'  When I received my phone, straight away I charged it up connected to the computer and iTunes asked if I wanted to upgrade, without thinking I did.  I expect you will know the rest.  The phone was working and was unblocked when I received it.  It didn't have a SIM in it so when the phone had charged I put my O2 SIM in.  I also tried a TMobile one.  Nothing will work because I upgraded from 1.0.2.  I now have a lovely new phone that I cannot use."

can now recover full phone functionality, update their iPhones to software/firmware version 1.1.1, and again unlock the phones for use on carriers other than AT&T.

The process is still extremely unrefined, requiring dexterity and patience, but has already been successful for a number of users. The basic procedure is as follows:

  1. Downgrade your iPhone to firmware/software 1.0.2 if you are currently using a "bricked" 1.1.1 iPhone.
  2. Jailbreak your iPhone. The simplest method for this is to use AppTapp.
  3. Once Installer.app is on your phone, use it to install the BSD Subsysem and OpenSSH (both under "Subsystem.")
  4. Download the re-virgizining tool,
  5. Follow this guide to use the re-virginizing tool to restore your phone to a factory-fresh state.
  6. Using iTunes, update your iPhone to software/firmware 1.1.1 and make sure it works normally (it won't be unlocked at this point, but should work with AT&T SIM cards)
  7. Jailbreak your iPhone again using this guide for Mac OS X or this automated tool for Windows.
  8. Put AnySIM for iPhone software/firmware 1.1.1 on your iPhone using this guide for Mac OS X or this guide for Windows.

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