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iPhone X unboxing: Here's what you get inside

A phone isn't exactly the only thing you get when you plunk down $999 for an iPhone X. Here's everything you'll find in the box.

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When rumors first swirled that Apple's top-of-the-line 2017 iPhone would cost upward of $1,000, some hopeful fans posited that such a high price would be softened by an extra goodie or two packed in -- maybe a wireless charger, or even the AirPod wireless headphones.

Of course, with the iPhone X demand said to be "off the charts" and the phone backordered for weeks, there's no need for Apple to sweeten the pot. 

Watch this: iPhone X unboxing

As a result, what you get in the box with a $1,000 iPhone X is... pretty much the same stuff you get with every other iPhone.

When I pried open the box of our Apple-supplied white iPhone X review sample, I found:

  • The iPhone X
  • 1 Lightning USB cable
  • 1 standard 5W USB charger
  • 1 EarPod wired headphone
  • 1 Lightning-to-3.5mm headphone adapter
  • 2 Apple stickers inside of a brief setup guide/warranty manual

As with recent models, there's no SIM removal tool included, but a paperclip works just as well if you need to swap yours out.

The iPhone X is available direct from Apple, cell carriers and select retailers beginning Friday, Nov. 3.

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