iPhone Wi-Fi sync app is real, but will Apple approve?

You won't get wireless syncing from OS 4, but one developer has a Wi-Fi sync app ready to roll. The question is, will Apple approve it?

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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This is what wireless iPhone syncing looks like:

Too bad you probably won't get to enjoy it.

Earlier this month, just ahead of Apple's iPhone OS 4 announcement, I posted a poll asking what new feature you wanted the most. Though multitasking was the clear winner with 36 percent of the vote, nearly 10 percent of voters named "syncing over Wi-Fi" as their top pick.

Needless to say, those folks didn't get their wish.

Despite the fact that Microsoft's Zune player has offered Wi-Fi syncing since 2007, Apple is either unwilling or unable to bestow it upon iPad, iPod, and iPhone users. Well, probably not unable, but obviously unwilling--which is why the new Wi-Fi Sync app will likely get rejected by Apple's App Store overlords.

That's a shame, because as you can see in the video, the process appears to work quickly and flawlessly. (Note that although the video shows a Mac setup, U.K.-based developer Greg Hughes says he is working on a Windows version, as well.)

On the other hand, as Hughes wrote in the comments section of his video's YouTube page, "My app doesn't violate anything in the developer agreement, and doesn't use any private APIs." (Unfortunately, that has never stopped Apple from rejecting an app before.)

In an e-mail I received from Hughes, he says he plans to submit Wi-Fi Sync at the end of this week. Chances are we'll be waiting at least another week after that to find out if the application makes it through. If it does, it'll cost you $4.99--a perfectly reasonable price for such a desirable capability, IMHO.

In the meantime, what's your take on this? Think there's a chance Apple will be cool? Or is syncing over Wi-Fi something we'll just have to keep dreaming about? Share your thoughts in the comments.