iPhone vs. T-Mobile (Android) G1 Speed Test

iPhone vs. T-Mobile (Android) G1 Speed Test

Ben Wilson

Our sister site News.com has posted a speed test that pits the iPhone 3G against T-Mobiles new Google Android-based T1.

Bonnie Cha writes:

"In this quick Prizefight, CNET TV's Brian Tong and I pit the two against each other in a 3G speed test, clocking the time it takes for each device to load CNET News from start to finish. Now, there are a couple of things to remember. Both smartphones use different Web browsers, and there are a number of factors that might affect 3G speeds, such as the area you live in and how many people are on the network at one time. However, in the spirit of friendly competition and out of pure curiosity, we decided to go for it."

See the video embedded below or visit the full article.