iPhone users are 'wall huggers,' says BlackBerry CEO

John Chen believes an iPhone can't last even a day, leaving Apple fanboys in a desperate search for a power outlet.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read

Roger Cheng/CNET

I'm extremely partial to hugging.

However, I find it strange when people choose to hug trees rather than people. Not only is it odd to think the tree will be grateful but then there are the splinters in the face as well.

I haven't ever, though, seen anyone try to hug a wall.

Perhaps I just go to the wrong parties, but it would seem somewhat impossible to stretch your arms wide enough to encompass a wall's breadth.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen doesn't agree with me. Indeed, he believes that everyone who uses an iPhone constantly spreads his or her arms to embrace the impossible.

As TUAW reports, Chen was speaking at the Oasis Montgomery Summit when he was asked about the popularity of the iPhone.

I call you guys wall huggers," he replied, allegedly in jest.

The essence of this humor is that iPhone batteries can run down rather quickly -- lasting not even a full day, said Chen. This leaves Apple-ites desperately searching for walls that have power outlets.

There is, of course, truth in this. It's not just that iPhone batteries aren't as good as they could be.

There are so many darned apps in iOS that the weak and the superficial are tempted to download them by the thousand and watch them suck the life out of their phones.

Apple makes it worse by making its devices so easy to maneuver.

It's surely charming that Chen, whose own company hasn't been hugged by many people lately, is prepared to mock the brand to which all other gadget makers compare themselves.

I worry, though, whether even mentioning a wall is a good idea, when some people believe BlackBerry already has it own back against one.