iPhone troubleshooting roundup

iPhone troubleshooting roundup

Ben Wilson
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The following is a short summary of some recent iPhone issues encountered by iPhone Atlas readers or posters to various discussion boards. See our troubleshooting section for deeper coverage.

Application Management and iPhone Restart Operation of applications on the iPhone differs from that of Desktop-platform applications in one key respect: when they disappear from view, they are most often suspended rather than completely quit. The general method for suspension is pressing the Home button. Sometimes when the home key is invoked, applications are suspended correctly and sometimes they aren't. This can result in an application still actively running in the background consuming valuable memory and other system resources. The Mail application, for instance, has been known to inordinately drain battery life if not closed completely.

So how do you fully close a running application? Simple. While in the application, simply hold the home button without releasing it for 8-10 seconds. The application will disappear, the screen will turn black, and you'll go back to the home screen. Note that this should also successfully a frozen application in most cases.

If this does not resolve the problem it's time to restart or reboot your iPhone. Here's how: if possible hit Home to get to the home screen. Next press and hold the Home button do not release it and then press and hold the Lock button. While holding both you will eventually see the red Slide to Turn Off indicator ? ignore it. The phone will then turn off. Now release the buttons, but only after you see the white Apple Logo appear.

These methods are good first options when troubleshooting any of the following iPhone related issues. Try them first, then move on to the potential fixes listed below:

iPhone Screen Not Working or Unresponsive

Some users on Apple's online discussion boards have complained about dead areas on their touch screens. If all or only portions of your iPhone touch screen become unresponsive, the first tack should be the restart mentioned above. If that doesn't work and the screen is still unresponsive bring your phone to the Apple store or call AppleCare. Usually at this point the phone will need to be replaced. 

Cannot Access Edge Network

Some users report sporadic problems accessing AT&T's EDGE network. A variety of causes, including poor signal strength, network outage, or problems with an application on your phone, can be to blame. Generally, turning the phone off then on again restores the EDGE connection. However another solution is to remove and replace your SIM card.  You'll need a paper clip and the following instructions from Apple to do this. This procedure is recommended prior to bringing in the iPhone for repair under all circumstances.

Problems Sending SMS Text Messages from Missed Call List Some users have experienced an issue in which iPhones freeze when sending SMS text messages from the missed call list. This problem can often be solved with a restore of the iPhone.

Issues with Bluetooth connected Headset Devices Some iPhone users are reporting problems with their Bluetooth headset devices. The solutions here vary by device manufacturer. However, there are some general workarounds.

First, try the resets mentioned at the beginning of this article. Failing that, try the following:

  1. Un-pair and re-pair the Bluetooth device
  2. Turn the Bluetooth radio off then on again
  3. Reset your iPhone?s network settings: Press Home. Touch Settings. Touch General. Touch Reset. Touch Reset Network Settings. Warning: this will remove all VPN settings, saved network passwords, etc. Back these up before using this feature.
  4. Reset your device per manufacturer instructions and then re-pair it with the iPhone.

Additionally some of the Bluetooth devices require you to use them to answer incoming calls. If you use the touch display to answer the phone in some cases you will then have to select Audio Source to select your Bluetooth device. A solution to this problem is to use the device to answer all incoming calls leaving the touch display alone.

Company Contacts Not Syncing

One particularly annoying bug on the iPhone is that it will ignore company contacts in the Apple Address Book application with the Company check box checked. Those address book entries will not sync to the iPhone.  Removing that check mark and updating the entry will allow it to sync to the iPhone the next time it is connected.

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