iPhone to hit US shops this month

If you're lucky enough to live in America then this June you'll be able to get your hands on one of the most anticipated gadgets this year, the iPhone

Andrew Lim
2 min read

According to three new Apple ads featured on Apple's Web site, the iPhone is going to be available to buy in US shops on the 29th of June. This is in line with the launch date given by Steve Jobs during the iPhone's unveiling back in January, and puts to rest any rumours about a delay.

The adverts, which are as slick as usual, go over all the iPhone's features, including maps, music, pictures, video, Web browsing and calls, of course. Even though it's over four months since the iPhone was announced, seeing it in action in these new ads has got us all a-tingling.

Unfortunately, us Europeans will have to wait until the end of the year to get our hands on one, so we'll have to be patient. In the meantime though, we can watch these videos over and over again until one of us cracks and moves to America just to buy one.

Many online sources have predicted a rush of US citizens selling off their iPhones on eBay, but we're not sure you're going to want to buy one. It will be locked to AT&T on a two-year contract and there's no word about whether or not you'll be able to unlock it.

Our guess is that it will be available in the UK around September -- and we think it's worth waiting for it. Click through for more images from the ads. -Andrew Lim

Update: a full review of the Apple iPhone is now live. 

This is CoverFlow, which like in iTunes lets you browse your album as if you were looking at CD covers. It will be the first time an iPod features the CoverFlow feature.

This is the widescreen video mode, which will make watching movies and TV shows much more enjoyable than on other devices with smaller screens, such as the current video iPod.

The photo viewer displays all your photos in small thumbnails, so you can see many of them at once and zoom in on the ones you want to see by clicking on them.

The Web browser displays an overview of the page, so you can scroll through it quickly and then tap on the pictures or text you want to zoom in on.

The phone interface is very straightforward and looks incredibly stylish compared to anything currently available.

The iPhone's menu gives you access to all of its features using an icon-based system that's both lovely to look at and easy to understand.

This is the text input interface, which features a Qwerty layout and pops up each letter as you type so that you know you've hit the right one.

As standard, the iPhone comes with the Google Maps mobile app, which not only lets you find out directions but also gives you access to points-of-interest information, such as restaurants and public transport.