iPhone to debut on T-Mobile in Germany

iPhone to debut on T-Mobile in Germany

Ben Wilson

On the same day that the iPhone launches on the O2 network in the UK -- November 9th -- it will launch on Germany's T-Mobile network. Like UK phones, the German version of the device will have access to the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store (not yet available in the US) and Visual Voicemail.

A press release says:

"By the end of 2007, T-Mobile will be the only network operator in Germany to offer EDGE throughout its entire GSM network. EDGE accelerates the mobile data transfer rate to over 220 Kilobits per second, which makes it almost four times as fast as ISDN in fixed-line networks. With EDGE, the German market leader offers its customers 100 percent broadband â?? anywhere and at any time."

The iPhone will be sold in Germany through Telekom Shops of Deutsche Telekom and the T-Mobile web shop. Purchase will require a new 2-year T-Mobile tariff and will be available in an 8GB model for �399 including V.A.T.

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