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iPhone syncing app adds voice mail and memo transfers

A recent update for The Missing Sync for iPhone app resolved compatibility issues with iPhone OS 3.0 and introduced new features.

Mark/Space, Inc.

The latest update for Mark/Space's The Missing Sync for iPhone, a popular phone-syncing utility, has fixed the app's compatibility with iPhone OS 3.0. Released this week, version 2.0.2 also adds syncing support for transferring voice mail and voice memos between the iPhone and a Mac.

According to an e-mail sent to users, the app is now completely compatible with iPhone OS 3.0, thus eliminating problems that the prior version had with syncing new notes, text messages, or call history. Now they can be imported into a SMS Log, Call Log, or Mark/Space Notebook.

Mark/Space describes the new features as follows:

  • New in Version 2.0.2, The Missing Sync transfers iPhone voice mail and voice memos to the Mac to give you an archive of voice messages and notes. You can organize and play the content in Mark/Space Notebook, a full-featured note-taking application for the Mac that is included with The Missing Sync.
  • Save to your Mac favorite and noteworthy voice mails, such as cute messages from the kids and birthday and congratulations wishes. You can archive voice messages to help track client and customer conversations for business purposes.
  • Transfer voice memos recorded on your iPhone to your Mac and organize them with text notes in Mark/Space Notebook. This is great for students, seminar attendees, and conference goers.

We downloaded and tested the new version and saw only one issue: he Terms of Service in the installer contained the word "beta," which makes us wonder if the update was final software. At the time of this writing, we could not confirm.

Are you experiencing problems with this application or other applications that interface with your iPhone on your Mac or PC? Did the 2.0.2 update resolve any problems you experienced with the older version? Let us know in the comments.