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New iPhone SE 2020: How to buy Apple's $399 iPhone right now, and for less

The iPhone SE is now shipping. Here are all the details you need to know, including deals from carriers and retailers alike.

Jason Cipriani Contributing Writer, ZDNet
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Jason Cipriani
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Apple's new iPhone SE is the cheapest -- and we think the best value -- iPhone you can buy. 

Gabriel Sama/CNET

The reviews are in, and Apple's new iPhone SE is everything we hoped it would be. The second-gen iPhone SE's camera can compete with the iPhone 11, battery life is exceptional and performance is speedy. CNET's reviewer Patrick Holland called it "the most value for your dollar of any phone Apple sells." Apple, along with its retail and carrier partners are now selling the iPhone, but it's back ordered. Orders from Apple, for example, ship in a couple of weeks. 

The new iPhone SE is not only appealing because of its starting price of $399 (£419, AU$749), but also its design. The iPhone SE, which stands for Special Edition, has a 4.7-inch display -- tiny by modern standards -- and brings back Apple's beloved home button with Touch ID. Don't be tricked by its low price: This new iPhone is just as capable and nearly as powerful as the more expensive iPhone 11 , with a few exceptions.

The iPhone SE uses Apple's A13 Bionic processor, has a 12-megapixel camera and wireless charging. It's available with 64GB, 128GB or 256GB of storage and comes in black, white or red. 

Here's what you need to know to get one in your hands as soon as possible. 

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iPhone SE prices

iPhone SE $399, £419, AU$749$449, £469, AU$829$549, £569, AU$999

When can I buy Apple's new iPhone?

Right now. Orders began to arrive on April 24, with delivery times slipping into mid-May. 

What colors will the iPhone SE come in?

The iPhone SE comes in black, white and red. Proceeds from the Product Red version will go toward coronavirus relief.

What about storage size?

The iPhone SE can be configured with 64GB, 128GB or 256GB of storage. 

What will it cost me?

iPhone SE storage capacities

  • 64GB: $399, £419, AU$749
  • 128GB: $449, £469, AU$829 
  • 256GB: $549, £569, AU$999

Order at: Apple US, Apple UK, Apple Australia, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Xfinity Mobile, AT&T, Cricket Wireless, Walmart, Target, Best BuySpectrum Mobile, US Cellular, Visible, Sam's Club, Boost Mobile

Retailers and carriers

Order direct from Apple

You can order directly from Apple's website, or use the Apple Store app on your iPhone or iPad to place an order. Full retail price starts at $399 and a payment plan through Apple starts at $16.62 a month for 24 months. 


Verizon Wireless customers can order directly from the website or through the My Verizon app. You cannot buy one in Verizon's retail stores. 


Sprint customers can get an iPhone SE for $5 a month on the Sprint Flex lease program when adding a line or porting in your number to Sprint.  


T-Mobile is offering customers a free iPhone SE when you add a line and trade in an eligible iPhone, or half off the price if you do only one of those tasks. 

Xfinity Mobile

Comcast-owned Xfinity Mobile is taking orders. Customers who activate a new line and port in a number will receive $200 off any iPhone, including the iPhone SE.


AT&T Wireless is carrying all three colors and storage options of the iPhone SE . You can get the SE for $5 a month over 30 months when you sign up for service and select a qualified unlimited plan. 

Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless customers can get their hands on the iPhone SE in all three colors, with the 64GB model starting at $349 -- $50 off normal pricing. 


Walmart will carry the iPhone SE and is offering up to $200 off the phone through July 17


Target is carrying all three colors and storage options.

Best Buy

You can find all three colors and storage options through Best Buy. 

Spectrum Mobile

Spectrum is offering up to $100 off the cost with a trade-in. 

US Cellular 

You can get a free iPhone SE from US Cellular when you sign up for a new line of service using your current number from a different carrier. 


You can get a prepaid $200 prepaid Mastercard when you bring your number to Visible (the offer is valid with any phone). 

Sam's Club

Members can get the iPhone SE with a $100 gift card and $100 off the price of the phone promotion when you upgrade with AT&T. 

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is taking $99 off the iPhone SE, with the 64GB model priced at $300. You can order online right now, or purchase in a Boost Mobile store starting May 1.

We'll continue to update this story with launch details for the new iPhone SE as more information is available.