iPhone owners smarter than Android fans, says online test

People who own an iPhone are smarter than Android owners, according to the results of a mental agility test conducted by, er, Ladbrokes.

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Feeling smart? Phone fans who own an iPhone are smarter than Android owners, according to the results of a brainpower test that pits the wits of smart phone owners against each other -- while Nokia and BlackBerry are for the more, how can I put it, brainially-challenged.

The results come from British bookie Ladbrokes, which challenged a thousand users of its smart phone app to complete an online mental agility test. The test includes questions asking how many months have 28 days and how many 9s there are between 1 and 100, as well as brain-bothering cranium-teasers like choosing the next number in a sequence.

The fastest individual time was scored by a big-brained Samsung user who completed all the questions in 47 seconds, a full minute faster than the average Samsung owner. But as a whole the smartest group was made up of phone fans packing an iPhone.

It took iPhone owners an average of 94 seconds to complete the test. Owners of a Google Nexus phone came in second place with an average time of 99 seconds, followed by devotees of Samsung and HTC, who are neck-and-neck at 103 and 105 seconds respectively.

And the dunces of the smart phone world? Owners of Blackberry phones, whose slow reactions mean not only have they not yet ditched BlackBerry but also that they limped through the test taking 118 seconds on average.

Of course, it's all a bit of fun -- there's no link between the type of phone you own and the size of your IQ. In fact, compare the price tags on an iPhone and a Nexus and then tell me who's smarter.

To find out why the rivalry between iPhone and Android gets so heated, press play on our video on the fascinating psychology of tech tribes:

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