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iPhone owners have more sex than Android fans, according to dating site

Apple fans rejoice as data from dating site shows they have more sexual partners by age 30 than BlackBerry owners, while Android owners are comparatively monk-like

iPhone owners have more sexual partners by age 30 on average than their BlackBerry and Android-toting counterparts, according to a dating site. Clearly, dodgy antennas aren't the only thing screwing with iPhone owners.

The figures -- collected from nearly 10,000 members of -- showed female iPhone owners were the most active, with an average of 12 sexual partners, and male iPhone owners followed close behind with 10.

BlackBerry owners were diddling around in the middle, bedding just over eight sexual companions. In comparison, the gaudy graph shows Android owners having a mere six sexual partners (which sounds an awful lot to us), implying there is in fact something inherently geeky about Android.

You might have expected Android to see off BlackBerry in terms of getting lucky, especially with the 'Berry's reputation as a rather grey, staid and business-like device. But RIM has made a conscious effort to change its image and BlackBerrys can now be seen in the hands of hip, young users, frantically messaging away on keyboards.

Apple fans are likely to put the stats down to the sleek design and intrinsic sexiness of the iPhone. A more rational reason might be, however, that the iPhone has managed to, er, penetrate the public consciousness more than other devices. You could argue that, as a result, the proportion of iPhone owners in the sexually active public is simply higher, hence the discrepancy between figures.

Or, as Recombu's Kate Solomon points out, it's just coincidence and has nothing whatsoever to do with anything. We take her point -- this is a ridiculous story -- but it's slightly unfair on OKCupid, whose blog is a genuinely interesting ongoing analysis of anonymous data from its members.

Its observations on how to take a good profile pic are definitely worthwhile, with concrete data on the benefit of a dSLR or Micro Four Thirds camera, and their artful shallow depth of field.

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