iPhone OS 2.1: Mail not showing up, progress indicator spins forever

iPhone OS 2.1: Mail not showing up, progress indicator spins forever

Ben Wilson

Several users have reported an issue in which the iPhone's Mail app refuses to retrieve new messages from IMAP and POP servers after the OS 2.1 update. In these cases, the progress indicator will spin indefinitely, but no new mail appears. Or, the retrieval process appears complete, but no new mail appears.

As described by one iPhone Atlas reader:

"There seems to be an issue with the new 2.1 firmware and IMAP mail connections. The IMAP account will check mail, go through the process but not update the folder you are viewing (even when there is new mail). The only fix is to hold down the power and home button and shut the phone off. When you turn it back on IMAP works again. But then after a certain period of time (within the same day) the problem repeats itself."

Another reader adds:

"Email app very frequently gets into 'Connecting...' loop mode, and no manner of waiting results in mail arriving. The only solutions that work are force quit the mail app, or reboot phone."

There are three potential fixes for this issue:

  • Force-quit the Mail application by holding down the home key for several seconds while the app is active, then re-launch the Mail application.
  • Ensure that regional settings are correct in Settings> General> International
  • Reset all settings: Settings> General> Reset> Reset All Settings.

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