iPhone OS 2.0.2 Released; Fails to Fix 3G Reception Issues; App Problems

iPhone OS 2.0.2 Released; Fails to Fix 3G Reception Issues; App Problems

Ben Wilson

Apple has released iPhone OS 2.0.2 with its obligatory but unhelpful release notes indicating only "bug fixes."

Unfortunately, a resolution to widespread, frustrating 3G reception issues is not among those fixes. In fact, some users have reported that the update manifests poorer 3G reception that 2.0.1, with devices now giving a "No Service" message in previously 3G-accessible locations.

As described by one Apple Discussions poster:

"I use to get 1-3 bars of 3g service in my house and now I cant make a call... I have to switch off the 3G to get any bars Things are going the wrong way!""

Even worse, many users are experiencing incompatibility with previously operational third-party applications. Two sample reports:

  • "Yes I have about 15 Apps loaded and now only 8-10 work with the new 2.0.2 software."
  • "All my downloaded applications crash within 5 seconds of being opened. Restarting the phone and reapplying update have done nothing to fix it. "

What does iPhone OS 2.0.2 fix? Both typing and scrolling, which were plagued by extreme lag and slowness prior this update, are now operating at acceptable speeds for many users, but not all.

Another Apple Discussions poster writes:

"Didn't improve my 3g signal (or signal in general for that matter) and I still am getting the keyboard lag."

iPhone OS 2.0.2 can be installed by attaching your iPhone to your Mac or Windows computer then clicking the "Update" button. Based on current reports, however, the benefits may not outweigh the risks.