iPhone OS 2.0.2 Crashes: Too Many Applications?

iPhone OS 2.0.2 Crashes: Too Many Applications?

Ben Wilson

We previously covered an issue apparently caused by iPhone OS 2.0.2 in which some third-party applications crash or do not launch, for many users. We've now received reports indicating that the problem is almost universally eliminated by reducing the number of applications installed on the iPhone.

Reader David Sternlight writes:

"After reviewing this further and discussing it with Apple support, it appears the quit on launch after splash screen problem with iPhone 3rd party apps is caused by a bug triggered by having 'too many' such apps on the iPhone. Reducing the number from 6 pages worth to a bit under 3 pages worth seems to provide a temporary fix. Apple is aware of the problem; it is high on their priority list."

A less-than-desirable fix to be sure.

Meanwhile, the following laborious process may also provide relief:

  • On the iPhone go to Settings, General, Reset, and Erase All Content and Settings.
  • On the host computer, in iTunes, navigate to Applications on left-hand bar.
  • Click on any application, select all (command-A),and delete them (command-click on any one). When the options window comes up, select move to trash. Empty the trash.
  • In iTunes, Sync the iPhone without any music or video selected.
  • In iTunes, reinstall all desired apps.
  • In iTunes, sync again.
  • Add back desired music, video, etc via another sync

See our previous coverage for more fixes.