iPhone-optimized site preview tool gets "view source" function

iPhone-optimized site preview tool gets "view source" function

Ben Wilson

Marketcircle has released a new version of its Mac OS X application that simulates the size of the iPhone's screen, offering a built-in WebKit-based browser. Dubbed "iPhoney," (the new release is version 1.2) the application can simulate the iPhone user agent, rotate to display pages vertically or horizontally, and show or hide the location bar. You can zoom out to see how your current pages might look while zoomed out on iPhone, and turn off plug-ins (including Flash).

Sites are rendered in a 320 by 480-pixel (vertical) or 480 by 320-pixel (horizontal) window, with a stylized iPhone frame. It's pixel accurate, meaning that it has exactly the same number of pixels on its screen as iPhone. However, while common desktop screens deliver 72 and 96 pixels in every inch the iPhone will pack 160 pixels per inch. So iPhoney looks about twice the size of iPhone on a standard Mac OS X system.

The new release offers a view source function, that allows you to see the source code for the page you're viewing in iPhoney. It has also been localized for Norwegian, French, and German users.

iPhoney requires Mac OS X 10.4.7 or later.