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iPhone iOS 4 update to fix antenna problems?

Rumours are flying that a swift update to the iPhone 4's software could fix the phone's dodgy antenna issues, which have dogged the phone's launch

We're grasping our iPhone 4 with a kung-fu grip Action Man would be proud of, but we may not have to worry about the iPhone 4's antenna problems much longer, thanks to a rumoured update to the iOS 4 software.

AppleInsider reports that Apple reps in Apple's tech support forums wrote that an iOS 4 software update would be on its way as early as today, but since then the posts have been removed. Supposedly, a software fix can help with the antenna problems by adjusting how the phone switches between radio frequencies.

Another post that's feeding the update rumour flames comes from the MacRumors boards, where an iPhone 4 owner says he got an email reply from Steve Jobs himself, which said, "There is no reception issue. Stay tuned."

This followed an earlier official comment from Apple that you could avoid the iPhone 4's signal problems using the low-tech solution of holding it differently.

In the meantime, we suggest you check out our gaffer-tape iPhone fix (pictured above), which also allows you to wield the iPhone 4 on a stick like a light sabre.

But is a one-liner purportedly from Steve-o and a few deleted forum threads enough to get you excited about an imminent update to the Jesus phone? Let us know in the comments whether you're praying for a fix, investing in a bumper, switching to another phone or just giving up on calls forever.