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iPhone Deal of the Day: Five App Store freebies

To paraphrase the old saying, sometimes the best things in the App Store are free. Learn valuable skills, swap contact information with other iPhone users, and more.

I love free stuff, and it seems like each day brings a wealth of new free goodies to the iPhone App Store. Here's a look at five notable apps that won't cost you a cent (at least for now--some are free only temporarily, so get 'em while you can).

    This free, sexist app explains the "20! Top Man Things Men Must Know."
  • 20! Top Man Things Men Must Know If you can excuse the sexist, unwieldy title, you'll find some undeniably useful information here: how to bandage a wound, perform basic CPR, fix a flat, and so on. (Note to developer: Why not call it 20 Top Things Everyone Should Know?)
  • BlueSwap It's not quite PalmPilot-style beaming, but it's close. BlueSwap lets you swap contact information with other iPhone/iPod Touch users. Bluetooth makes it possible, meaning there's no need to use some third-party social network. (I haven't tried this yet, as I'm the only iPhone owner in the immediate vicinity, so if you're able to put it to the test, drop a comment.)
  • C.A.R. - Accident Report Nobody likes a fender-bender, but if you absolutely positively must have one, this app will help you manage the details. It's similar to the iWrecked app I wrote about last month, but a little more robust.
  • Droste Effect This is better seen than described, so I'll just say that if you like eye candy, you'll find this one visually tasty app. Really cool.
  • Space Trader: Moon Madness If you like strategy games of the Lemonade Stand variety, which challenge you to make money rather than blast aliens, you're sure to get a kick out of Space Trader. True to its name, it casts you as a moon-based commodities broker. Buy, sell, profit. Perfect for Ferengi wanna-bes.
OK, your turn: What fab freebies have you pulled from the App Store in recent days? Don't keep 'em to yourself--let your fellow iPhone users know about them in the comments!