iPhone app tracks your iPad--or any other delivery

Do you ship a lot of packages that you need to track? Delivery Status Touch for iPhone is an app that can help.

David Martin
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David Martin


If you ship a lot of packages or find yourself sitting in your front window waiting on the delivery truck--or perhaps if you're obsessively calendar-watching for the day (April 3) to come when some new gadget (iPad) will be delivered--you should consider a tracking app for your iPhone.

Junecloud's Delivery Status Touch does the trick, sells for $2.99 (iTunes link), and lets you track multiple packages from UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and more than 20 additional global delivery services.

The feature I like the most in Delivery Status Touch is the ability to track orders from Amazon, Apple, and others before they ship. For example, my iPad order hasn't shipped yet, but the app allows me to access information about my order, including direct access to Apple's order status Web site.

Once my iPad ships, the app will integrate its tracking details with Google Maps to show where my iPad is or has been on its journey to me. Once an item ships, the app displays a large countdown timer to the delivery date, as well, and offers push notifications to satisfy the wildly impatient.

The company also offers a syncing utility that allows you to check the status of a shipment from any Web browser or the Junecloud's free Mac Dashboard widget.

Package tracking map screen Junecloud

Package tracking status screen Junecloud