iPhone and iPad get game via Nvidia GeForce Now

The cloud-gaming service also plans to expand Chrome support beyond Chromebooks in 2021.

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Nvidia follows Amazon down the path of least resistance to get its cloud-gaming service onto your iOS device. Like Amazon Luna, Nvidia GeForce Now has come to the iPhone and iPad by way of Apple's Safari browser, now in beta. The company has also updated its roadmap for the service, promising the ability to run in the Chrome browser on Linux, PC, Mac and Android devices starting early next year, and that it will support GOG games at some unspecific point in the future, likely beginning with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the eagerly anticipated  Cyberpunk 2077 . Both of those games come from GOG's sister company, CD Projekt Red.

GeForce Now slings Windows games you've already shelled out for on Steam, Ubisoft, Epic Games Store and more to devices over the internet -- as long as the platform supports them --  allowing you to play them on hardware you couldn't otherwise like phones , tablets , Chromebooks, Macs or low-power PCs.

Apple requires a prohibitive amount of work for these services to meet Apple's policies in order to be sold in the App Store (imagine if every movie and show on Netflix had to be in a separate app and approved independently), so services like GeForce Now and Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate's cloud gaming need to resort to operating within Safari. Safari provides the most app-like experience because it's the only browser Apple allows to add shortcuts to your home screen in iOS.

One big caveat for GeForce Now on iOS is you can only play games with a controller -- no keyboard and mouse or touch -- and that will cut a chunk out of your selection of playable games. But the company is specifically working on a touch version of Fortnite in conjunction with Epic.

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