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iPhone and iPad app downloads top 10 billion as Britannia rules the App Store

A landmark first mention for Orpington in an Apple press release, as a British woman wins a $10,000 iTunes voucher for making the milestone download.

Apple smashed through the 10 billion downloads mark for its App Store this weekend, and one lucky Brit played a key role in its magic milestone.

Gail Davis, of Orpington, Kent, was the lucky iOS user who bagged the 10 billionth download, earning herself a $10,000 iTunes voucher. What's more, the game she downloaded -- Paper Glider -- is the work of UK developer Neon Play.

A mighty one-two for Blighty, then, despite iOS users around the world feverishly following Apple's online downloads counter and trying to time their clicks to win the prize.

Paper Glider is a game that involves flicking a paper plane across an office and out through a window, avoiding ceiling fans and obstacles along the way. It's currently free to download, and has topped the App Store charts in both the UK and US.

It's good to see some down-to-Earth aspects of this story, too. Gail apparently hung up on Apple when the company rang to give her the news. "I thought it was a prank call," she tells Cult of Mac. "I said, 'Thank you very much, I'm not interested,' and I hung up."

Meanwhile, Neon Play's boss Oli Christie missed the first call from Apple as he was putting his kids to bed, and tells Mobile Entertainment that he woke up the morning after thinking it had all been a dream.

The last 7 billion downloads from the App Store were racked up in the last year alone, according to Apple. With 160 million iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices having been sold, that's an average of 62.5 app downloads per device.