iPhone 7 alleged photos expose second speaker, larger camera

The photos seemingly provide more backing for rumors that have been floating about the past few months about the next iPhone.

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More alleged photos of the iPhone 7 casing show a dual speaker and larger camera.


Apple's iPhone 7 will feature a dual speaker and a bigger camera, if the latest round of leaked images is legit.

A photo posted by French tech blog site Nowhereelse.fr shows the phone's casing with the standard audio jack missing, replaced by a second speaker grill. That means the iPhone would offer stereo speakers for the first time. Rumors have gone back and forth as to whether Apple will jettison the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack.

A second photo, also allegedly of the iPhone 7's casing, shows a dual camera lens that slowly rises in height into a full "bump." If rumors prove accurate, that dual camera may be part of a 5.5-inch-screen iPhone 7 Plus model or even a special "Pro" edition -- but not part of a standard 4.7-inch-screen iPhone 7.

Other photos released by Nowhereelse.fr show a larger camera hole that could be destined for a 4.7-inch iPhone. This camera assembly also raises to form a bump that sticks out from the phone's surface.

Clobbered by falling iPhone sales, Apple needs to coax consumers into purchasing the iPhone 7. But reports claim the 2016 model will offer only minor enhancements and that Apple is saving new, bigger feature updates for next year's edition.

Finally, the photos show a change of position for the two horizontal antennae lines that have graced the back of the iPhone for years. Instead, the two antennae lines appear at the edges of the body.

iPhone 7 production has already started, according to Nowhereelse.fr, which cited "valuable contacts within Pegatron subcontractor factories" as the leakers of the information. Apple supplier Foxconn is expected to be the key manufacturer for the iPhone with backup from Pegatron.

Rumors such as these should always be taken with a grain of salt. But barring the lack of any major enhancements, Apple may need to rely on such items as dual speakers and dual cameras to drum up excitement for this year's iPhone lineup.

Apple did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.