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iPhone 6 Australian pricing compared

How much more are Aussies going to be paying for the new iPhone 6?


When the iPhone 5c and 5s launched last year, there was quite a large price difference between US and Aussie pricing. This time round, with the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus Australia seems to have fared just as badly. Although the Australian dollar is worth just US$0.92 at time of writing, the difference in price can't be attributed solely to exchange rates and the 10 per cent goods and services tax applied across the board in Australia.

In the US, sales tax is applied at the point of sale, and varies from state to state, but on average hovers at around 10 per cent. For this reason, we have added 10 per cent to the US base price.

For the purposes of this analysis, we shall be using a price conversion of US$1 = AU$1.08636. Bear in mind that minor fluctuations in exchange rates may vary your own results slightly, should you like to perform your own calculations.

We have also included UK pricing for comparison's sake. Bear in mind that, just as the Australian pricing is inclusive of GST, the UK price is inclusive of 20 percent VAT (value added tax). We have used a conversion rate where £1 = AU$1.74964.

Stay tuned for our comparison of Apple Watch pricing when it rolls in.

iPhone Australian price UK price US price US price + GST, converted US/AU difference
iPhone 6 16GB AU$869 £539 (AU$943.05) US$649 AU$775.55 AU$93.45
iPhone 6 64GB AU$999 £619 (AU$1083.03) US$749 AU$895.05 AU$103.95
iPhone 6 128GB AU$1129 £699 (AU$1222.99) US$849 AU$1014.55 AU$114.45
iPhone 6 Plus 16GB AU$999 £619 (AU$1083.03) US$749 AU$895.05 AU$103.95
iPhone 6 Plus 64GB AU$1129 £699 (AU$1222.99) US$849 AU$1014.55 AU$114.45
iPhone 6 Plus 128GB AU$1249 £789 (AU$1380.47) US$949 AU$1134.05 AU$114.95