Alleged iPhone 6 images leaked by former Taiwanese pop star

A couple of photos spilled online by Jimmy Lin claim to show the new iPhone 6 side by side with a 5S.

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Lance Whitney
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Is this the iPhone 6 to the right of an iPhone 5S? Jimmy Lin/Weibo/Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Photos purportedly of the iPhone 6 have popped up on Chinese site Weibo courtesy of a former Taiwanese pop star who has shown an uncanny knack for leaking early shots of Apple products.

Jimmy Lin, a Taiwanese singer and actor, took to his Weibo page to reveal two photos allegedly of the iPhone 6 showing the new phone as longer than the 5S. One photo peeks at the back of the two phones, while the other offers a glimpse of their front screens.

Lin spills a few alleged details, namely that the iPhone 6 sports a 4.7-inch screen, that the power button has shifted to the right, and that the coating for the built-in antenna is no longer on the outside. Lin adds that the phone offers a good grip.

Most of Lin's observations fall in line with other rumored features for Apple's next flagship smartphone, most notably the increase in screen size. With other smartphones sporting larger and larger displays, Apple is under pressure to come up with a bigger screen for the next iteration of the iPhone. With Apple losing market share to Samsung and other Android vendors offering up jumbo-sized phones, literally going big is key to staying competitive and wooing consumers who may be eyeing rival smartphones.

Lin has a history of leaking Apple images. He accurately leaked the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini ahead of those two releases, according to tech site Pocket-Lint. He also had an early shot of the iPhone 5C.

Still, the photos should be taken with the usual grain of salt. Despite Lin's past track record, the "iPhone 6" seen in the images could be faked easily enough. As such, we'll have to keep this latest tidbit in the rumor department, at least until the fall when Apple is expected to unleash its next iPhone.