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iPhone 5S will appear in light-shifting gold, new report says

The next iPhone has been strongly tipped once more to come in a 'champagne' golden hue.

Gold! Always believe in your phone -- you've got the power to um, er, call?... Ahem. Apple has once more been strongly tipped to be cooking up a golden-hued version of its next iPhone.

The next iPhone -- reckoned to be called the iPhone 5S -- will come in a subtle golden shade, TechCrunch reports, citing 'multiple sources' that have reportedly dished the dirt on the colour of Apple's next smart phone.

That won't be a bright, Threepio-esque gold apparently, but a lighter 'champagne' colour that will shift depending on how light falls upon it, the report claims.

Rumours of the legendary golden iPhone have been cropping up for a while now, with leaked components and analyst expectations pointing toward an aureate mobile.

While Apple is famed for its stark, minimalist product design, this wouldn't be the first time that it's crafted a gilded gadget -- the first iPod mini came in gold, but the colour was discontinued after just one year.

Apple is tipped to be revealing its new smart phones on 10 September, when we might also get a look at the rumoured cheap, plastic iPhone 5C

Do you think Apple would be smart to make a bullion blower? Or is monochrome always best? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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Image credit: iMore