iPhone 5S to get battery boost, new leaked snaps hint

Possible prototype snaps of the next iPhone reveal increased battery capacity.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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Apple's next iPhone could be in line for a battery boost, if supposed leaked snaps are to be believed.

The images, which surfaced at MacRumors, show what looks like a near-fully assembled iPhone 5S sporting a 5.92Whr battery -- a step up from the 5.45Whr power brick that resides within the iPhone 5.

The report notes that the model could be an early prototype, as clues hidden on the processor suggest the chip was manufactured quite a while ago. The inclusion of a beefier battery, however, certainly suggests that Apple has longer-lasting smart phones in mind.

That would be good news. While processor, screen and camera technology has raced forward in recent years, it's still a battle to make any smart phone last for longer than a day before it starts gasping for its charging cable.

The leaked snaps match earlier photos of Apple's much-anticipated mobile, with all signs currently pointing to a revamped iPhone that looks identical to the current iPhone 5.

Apple could surprise us yet, however, as recently leaked blueprints purported to show two new Apple mobiles -- the iPhone 5S and 'iPhone Light', which is tipped to have curved edges and a flat back, and be slightly chunkier than its sibling.

That could be the long-rumoured cheaper iPhone, aimed at grabbing the cash of those shopping on a budget. Any new iPhone would doubtless arrive running iOS 7, the revamped version of Apple's mobile operating system.

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