iPhone 5S specs spotted in leaked doc, alongside 5, not 5C

A specs sheet for the new iPhone range, with the 5S prominently featured, but the cheaper 5C nowhere to be seen, has been leaked online.

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Nick Hide
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A new Apple leak out of China apparently shows what the fruit-flavoured company's phone lineup will look like after Tuesday night's launch -- and while the iPhone 5S is prominently featured, with new specs, the cheap iPhone 5C is nowhere to be seen.

The specs sheet, which looks like an updated version of the comparison page you see on the Apple site, was published by Chinese tech site C Technology, which says it received the "configuration plan" from "news sources".

The preponderance of iPhone 5C leaks means we're pretty well certain to see the colourful new mobile at tomorrow's shindig, but it may be sold in a different way, separate to its more sober brethren -- possibly without a phone contract (which isn't the norm in America), in an off-the-shelf iPod kind of deal. It also dampens speculation that the 5C might replace the old 5.

So what's new on the 5S? The home button is lacking its usual square, which is backed up by the leaked packaging we saw over the weekend. That could be a little design detail to mark out your new iPhone for fellow aficionados -- or it could be because it has a fingerprint scanner built-in, which these specs apparently confirm.

On the back there's a dual-LED flash, which complements a slightly upgraded f2.0 (as opposed to the 5's f2.4) lens. That's a wider aperture, so the phone will be able to take in a smidge more light and give your shots a touch more depth of field, for that attractive out-of-focus background look. Video frame rate is up too, from a max of 60fps to 120fps.

Apple's also managed to squeeze a tad more life out of the battery, with standby time up from 225 hours to 250. The processor has had a boost too -- it's now called A7 -- although there's no details on how much more powerful this new generation of silicon is. Otherwise it's much the same, with the same screen and chassis.

CNET will be all over tomorrow night's launch like fleas on a dog, so stay tuned for the official news as soon as it pops out of Tim Cook's mouth. Will you be upgrading to an iPhone 5S? Or does it not look enough of a step up? Hit the comments, or head over to our Facebook page to have your say.