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iPhone 5 Vodafone 4G price promise knocks 70 per cent off

Vodafone is offering a 70 per cent discount to customers who switch to 4G, which is promised to arrive next spring.

Vodafone is offering a sizeable discount to customers who want to switch to 4G, and the network has promised super-fast phone speeds will spring forth next spring.

If you have an iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 or other phone with a 4G version, Vodafone will let you buy your way out of your current contract at a discount rate to make the switch. When the first swallow emerges, the sun finally peeks out from behind the clouds and Vodafone's 4G service does launch, you'll only have to pay 30 per cent of the remainder of your bill.

Usually when you eject from a contract early you have to fork over the full amount of remaining money you would have paid for the length of your contract.

Vodafone offers as an example someone who currently spends £42 each month on a 16GB iPhone 5 and has six months left on their contract when 4G launches. The line rental left would be £252, but with the discount, the lucky chap would only have to pay £75.60. How very generous of you, Vodafone!

Still, at least it's more generous than the ridiculous 4G price promise made by O2, which will knock a piffling 10 per cent off the remainder of your contract if you want to change. Meanwhile, Orange and T-Mobile will knock a third off the remainder of your contract if you switch to 4G on EE.

The first 4G network launches in the UK on Tuesday. EE's service taps different spectrum to that which will be used by Vodafone and other networks, so you won't be able to use the same phone on the different networks. Hit play on our video below to find out all about the full prices, deals and extras for EE's 4G service.

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Vodafone says preparations for 4G are "well underway". The infrastructure for 3G is also being improved, with current phones speeded up by HSPA+ and HSPA-DC.

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