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iPhone 5, new iPad 3 and new Apple TV outed in iOS code

References to a slew of new Apple gadgets have been found in the iOS 5.1 beta, including a new iPhone and iPad.

References to a slew of Apple gadgets have been uncovered in the developer beta build of iOS 5.1, with a new iPhone, new iPad and new Apple TV all getting name checked.

Mention of the 'iPhone5,1' device indicates that a new iPhone is en route, and that it could be the redesigned iPhone 5 we spent most of this year waiting for. The iPhone 4S was identified as '4,1' in code, and 9to5Mac reckons that moving the identifier up a number could signal significant changes to the iPhone's guts.

Rumours for the iPhone 5 include a wider screen and a curved back.

There are also hints of new iPad models, referred to as '2,4', '3,1', '3,2' and '3,3'. It's hard to guess what they could turn out to be -- they could be slightly different models of the iPad 2 made for different countries that use different kinds of networks, but we're definitely expecting the iPad 3 to launch in the first few months of 2012, potentially packing a retina display.

A new version of Apple TV has also been spotted in the lines of iOS code, looking to sport the code name J33. The new version of Apple TV could (finally) bring 1080p video to the Cupertino company's streaming box.

While these strings of code tell us very little about the devices themselves, it serves as a kind of confirmation that Apple is indeed beavering away on new versions of its incredibly popular gadgets. And Apple TV.

Earlier today we reported that iPhone sales outstripped Android sales in October, thanks to the iPhone 4S filling Apple's coffers.

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Image credit: 9to5Mac